Terms of Use
The following are our terms and conditions. Please note, please comply with the terms and conditions that we have created or your account will be our key and possibly be banned on your account.

1. Prohibited use of cheating in any form including, Auto Surf Traffic Exchange and more.

2. use an active email account so we can contact you if there are important things that we will inform.

3. use the data as accurately as possible including your PayPal email that you used to take your balance.

4. It is prohibited to make multy account, if you are detected using a multiple account, your account will be automatically banned.

5. click on the link itself is prohibited that you create.

6. each member that a withdrawal we will balance a cheque in advance. If your visitor is pure or bot.

7. The links you the free shorten you share anywhere including Facebook, twitter and other social media.

8. Only use the api code, we recommend changing the fire code or your stats will not be counted.

9. You are free to distribute your refferal link anywhere, account sign up through your refferal link will be automatically calculated in your account.

10. Only use the actual data and do not use false data or you will not receive payment.


And we remind once again, never breaking the terms and conditions for your convenience we've created together. You honestly we will pay for your honesty.


"An Honest Publisher Is Our Hope"